BOOK - FLEX JAPAN VOL 2 1987 / 1992

BOOK - FLEX JAPAN 1975 / 1986 BOOK
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The depth, variety, quality (and not least, collectibility) of this scene is simply breathtaking, ranging from classic KBD punk and raging
hardcore to excellent mod and beat punk, angular hard punk and obscure styles that hardly compare to anything outside of Japan.
This new FLEX book traces the first decade of that scene, from 1987 to 1992
  • Hardcore, Punk, Mod, Neo GS, Post Punk and more
    1500 reviews and 2200 sleeve scans on 540 pages
    Detailed sections for Laughin' Nose, Lip Cream, S.O.B, Death Side,
    Star Club, Strummers, Swankys, Blue Hearts, The Willard
    and many, many more

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