About Us

About Head Line Records

Head Line Records, an independent punk, garage, ska, hardcore and import records store, is in business to:

  • First and foremost provide a platform for independent bands and their labels.
  • Create a forum where people can meet, share their common passion for music and exchange ideas.
  • Promote the exposure of bands through concerts in the store (which are usually free or charging a small fee for non - local groups which goes directly to the band - we just keep a few cents for the expense of the fliers etc ...).

Unfortunately, Since November 2003 we stopped doing shows at the store ( after nearly 9 years and almost 650 shows !!!! ).

Now, enough of the corporate bullshit and let me tell you what I really want Head Line Records to be.

For many years prior to the opening of the Head Line Record Store, I have used a "do-it-yourself" approach. I did not use any business consultants or any other self-professed business guru. I researched and build everything on my own. Before you think I am going on an all-mighty kick, let me explain why I made a point of writing this intro to the store.

Just like most of you, I know what is is to struggle to make ends meet, but just like you, I am dedicated first to a punk ideology (whatever that means) and therefore I am not trying to gauge you (because contrary to common belief punk does not mean everything should come free, it sure as hell is not for me !!!!!) But simply, to make an honest living, doing what I like, while providing you with an alternative to the usual middle-of-the-road record store.

Now that you have been patient enough to read as far as this, I will invite you to come in and check out the store or the web site, knowing a little more about it and myself. Feel free to send a comment; I am always looking for feedback.

My email is : john@headlinerecords.com

Be seeing you,